Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting Close to the Big Day

Whenever that is. May 7th is our official due date. It's funny that I am telling you that because all along I have been very general about my due date saying "oh, we are due sometime mid-May". I was 10 days late with sweet little Sami and I didn't want to feel disappointed if Ben waited an extra week or two also. But, as the weeks have gone on and we are getting so close I am starting to get my hopes up that he won't stay in there as long. So I guess I can say for sure that within the next 4 weeks (lets hope more like 2 weeks), we will have a baby boy!

While we wait, we are busy getting everything ready. I have a few more things to do in Ben's room and I need to put the infant car seat back in the car. Those are the only big things to do. Adam has been preparing for his licensing exams that he has to pass to do his new job. If he doesn't pass the first one the first time, he doesn't have a job. No pressure. He will do great. He has been studying so hard and doing well on his practice exams. So, by wednesday afternoon we will know if he has a job or not. Then he has one more to take on May 5th (good timing huh?). There is not quite as much pressure on the second exam. He will have a few tries to pass that one.

Sami has been loads of fun (for the most part) these days. She talks about Baby Ben, she prays for him, she knows he is in mommies belly. But, do I think she really knows that Ben is a real little baby boy who is about to change her entire world, no. The way I see it is none of us know what this is about to look like. We are all in this new experience together. Sami will be a great big sister. She is totally into babies these days. We have to change her baby dolls diaper every time we change hers. We have to put baby to bed whenever she is going to bed. She loves to throw away trash and to help clean. She will be my little helper!

When I finish the baby room, I will post some pics. Here are some pics for, well, someone's enjoyment (mostly mine :).

Bluebonnets 2010
Bluebonnets 2009
38 weeks with Sami
37 weeks with Ben (any difference, besides the tan?)


Molly said...

let's just go ahead and plan for you guys to come over for dinner on the evening when you think you'll be ready for ben to come! :) and ps, you guys are going to be wonderful parents of 2...and sammi will be a wonerful big sister!

Haley Family said...

You are seriously the cutest pregnant person ever! I can't wait to see pics of little Ben. I feel like your due date just sort of crept up!