Thursday, March 26, 2009

A sad day with a happy ending!

Last night, we decided to give our dog away.  Two evenings ago, we were on our family walk and two pug loving ladies stopped on the side of the road looking for a mate for their little girl pug.  I told them Bailey was a girl, but that they wouldn't want to breed with our dog anyway because she is crazy!!!  By the end of our conversation, Bailey had found a new home.  I know these ladies will provide a wonderful home for Bailey and I think she will enjoy having a buddy around.  Today was rough though.  I have some regrets and felt pretty sad today picking up her toys from out back and packing up our pictures of her from her room (the laundry room).  But, Sami sure knows how to brighten my day.  After a good cry over Bailey, I could hardly contain myself laughing at Sami.  She is so great!  I love every minute with her!  Check out the video from this evening.  Stacey had Sami laughing so hard.  It was pretty great!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A new blog!

      Eating a banana, which she loved! 
All smiles and laughter!

Well, really this is a blog I started when I was 15 weeks pregnant. But, we went with a website instead and now we are back with the blog. The website was taking up way too much space on our computer and it wasn't free.

Anyway, Sami is now 7 months old!!! Can you believe it?! I can't. It seems like time is going by so fast now. Sami is sitting up pretty well now and begining to show signs of wanting to crawl. Spitting up is happening much less, thank the good Lord!!! Rarely is Sami in a bad mood. She seems to be happy wherever she is and doing whatever. She is truly an outstanding little girl. Even when she was sick, she was such a trooper. She is getting used to being the highlight of the show wherever we go. Whether we are just at the grocery store or park or at a family event, she seems to enjoy all the attention she gets. Who wouldn't want to hear how beautiful and adorable you are all the time?

Adam's golf just got started this week in Houston. We are here for two weeks for two tournaments. He finished tied for 2nd at his first event of the year. Not bad at all! He is working harder than ever and really feeling good about this year. Sami and I are going to have to hang tough this year back in Fort Worth while Dad travels the south on the Adams Pro Series Golf Tour. We have lots of famliy and friends around us to give us support. But, we will certainly miss Adam when he is gone. Our hope and prayer for this year is that he will make it on one of the big tours, hopefully the PGA, and we can afford to travel together more often in the future.

This week and next, we are just going to enjoy being in The Woodlands with Grandma and Granddad and Uncle Clay! It is always like being on vacation when we come here. The weather is amazing. I attached some fun photos of Sami.  Love you all!