Friday, January 8, 2010

Sami in the leaves

Little Princess Ballerina

Snowing on Christmas Day at our new home
Sami and Uncle Rew

So, I don't seem to be the most faithful blogger in the world. After five, almost six months, I am finally catching you up. Since our last post, a lot has been going on for our family.  We managed to make it through a move, the holidays, my first trimester, illness and a week of Sami not napping (which I thought was going to be forever!).  Adam finished his golf year and has decided to change direction and start a new career.  He is currently on the job hunt meeting with many professionals in different industries (he has a few job offers and will know officially which he will take this week!).  We are starting to feel like things are slowing back down and getting back to some sort of normalcy.  

We had a great time over the holidays. Sami LOVES being with her family and friends. We got to spend Thanksgiving with our family in San Antonio.  Sami loves her cousins Chase and Lexie.  Uncle Mikey has become her favorite to play with.  She thinks he is FUNNY!!!  Christmas was spent in Fort Worth with all of the Fort Worth and Austin family.  There were around 20 of us plus 4 dogs.  It was the perfect environment for Sami, our little social butterfly!  Lots of family and friends, dogs and food, what could be better!  My parents and brother, Mike and his friend Mark came up Christmas afternoon and had dinner and stayed through my birthday.  It was so nice having everyone around.  Sami was not quite sure what to do with herself when all the holiday excitement came to an end.

Sami has recently developed one new and different trait, clinginess. She has become a little shy and definitely clings to momma. I took her with me to 24 hour fitness and definitely got called to come pick her up because she was inconsolable. She did the same thing at church. Not our usual Sami. But, as I have learned, this too shall pass. I am sure she will be back to normal in no time. Hopefully before Ben arrives (yes we have a name, Benjamin David Rubinson).

Speaking of Ben, we have our next appointment with our specialist on February 9th. If all looks good on this sonogram, we won't have to go back to the specialist and we can feel encouraged that Ben is growing perfectly. He definitely seems to be growing as he should and he is moving around in my tummy quite a bit. So, we are very hopeful for good news on the 9th.

Well, that is pretty much the update on things. I have thrown in a few pics of our girl. Thanks for checking in on us!


Haley Family said...

Your house looks adorable from the outside!!! I know you are really glad to have the move behind you. Sami is just the cutest thing ever!!!! I feel your pain being called out of your workout to pick up your screaming kid. Stay will get better. I LOVE the name Ben!!!!! So cute!